When 2 passionate spearos/Freedivers meet and want to work from their passion THE FREEDIVER Shop happens....together we pack up over 15 years of diving experience, the good the bad and the ugly....both Apnea instructors with the best worldwide organizations AIDA, PADI, FII, in addition to being competitive freedivers and competitive spearos.

Passion, experience, service excellence, life style, ocean, environment protectors, UAE lovers is what define us as people and what translates into our shop.

We want to provide the best service and advice to our customers, share our knowledge and make sure everybody that comes in walks out happy.

Through the years we organized a lot of free safety courses to increase awareness among spearos, we also closely worked with local authorities to discuss regulations and we try to promote oceans protection and responsible diving as much as possible.

We also crated a wide network of instructors in the UAE that can provide all levels of teaching all the way to instructor.

We hope you will enjoy our virtual shop as well as our physical shop in Dubai, on one you can get an Nesspresso on the other one you can't ;)