Apnea Academy

Learning course’s mission is to provide step by step support to every person interested in discovering the underwater free diving. Starting from the first approach to free diving with the Apnea Discovery course (this course differs from a standard snorkeling course, covering techniques of relaxation and breathing which are now included in the courses of modern free-diving), to the highest level of the program, the Instructor’s course, Apnea Academy helps, at very stage, to identify one’s limits to dive safely underwater still maintaining the unsurpassed feeling provided by free-diving.

Only the most motivated and competent people have been selected by Apnea Academy as instructors to provide superior know how and experience to beginners. To make the development of the diving techniques more enjoyable, safe and easy, Apnea Academy has completed a multimedia system which is based on special teaching supports. Technical test in swimming pool and in open waters are video recorded to facilitate technical improvements. The official Manual of free diving, slides, didactically videos, final test and scoring have all been prepared to provide a specific sequence of subjects and help acquiring the knowledge offered by the learning material. Each course consist of theoretical lessons, swimming pool training, relaxation and breathing techniques and open water tests. Once the course is completed and subject to the favorably evaluation from the instructor, an Apnea Academy Award will be issued to the student.



First level

Apnea Academy First Level represents the first approach to free-diving with a complete basic equipment. The objective of the course is to reach controlled free-diving by applying relaxation and breathing techniques in order to reach following performances: 1'45" static apnea, 30 m in dynamic and 8 m in depth.



Second level

Apnea Academy Second Level is to improve the relaxation and breathing techniques by taking advantage of the experience acquired in the first level in order to reach following performances: 2'30" in static, 55 m dynamic and 15 m depth.



Third level

Apnea Academy Third Level is the highest award for a free diver. By a improvement of its ability to operate in the water, mental and technical training , the free diver will be able to reach 3' static, 70 m dynamic and 25 m depth. Many additional specialized courses are available, like Advanced equalization, Rescue and safety, Mental training etc.